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Women's Ministries

Women's Ministries is the heart of ours being considered the "Caring Church". Their community and church outreach is a true sharing of God's love and message.

Their ministry to our community includes Health and Wellness seminars, Blood Pressure Check stations at local community events and working with our Food Bank. In addition, each year they host a Prayer Breakfast, a Christmas Banquet, a Valentine's Dinner, and other programs that encourage fellowship and spirituality amongst women inside and outside of our church.

The ladies of our congregation are also very strong leaders and believe in mentoring not only in the their homes and community but also in their church, including ministering from the pulpit.

The women of our church welcome you to come and participate in our events whether or not you are a regular attendee. Come and be welcomed.

Visit our website's calendar to find out more about our events.              


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